Статистика по коронавирусу в мире

[cov2019map] [cov2019] Showing basic data of world and a country you select.

[cov2019all] Showing data of all countries in a talbe.

[cov2019map] Showing a map with data of each country.

[cov2019history] A line chart showing global historical daily data.

[cov2019historyc] A line chart showing historical daily data of the country you select.

[cov2019namerica] Данные Северной Америки.

[cov2019samerica] Данные Южной Америки.

[cov2019europe] Данные Европы.

[cov2019asia] Данные Азии.

[cov2019oceania] Данные Океании.

[cov2019africa] Данные по Африке.

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